One Way You Can Build Your Self-Esteem


Coming from someone with low self-esteem, I know very well what it’s like to always feel as if you are not good enough. It discourages you, brings you down and robs you of confidence. However, having high self-esteem is probably the single most important thing one needs to be successful in the competitive world we live in. When you feel valuable, you not only take better care of yourself but also have more of a go-getter attitude about life. You’ll be energetic, determined, and fearless in the pursuit of what you want.

That being said, I want to help you the best I can to instill love for yourself in both your mind and heart. It will be a gradual process to get to that level of self-acceptance but you won’t get anywhere until you try something different. Making a commitment to change is the start to internal self-improvement and personal development. Are you ready to change your life around for the better?

What I want you to do is get a Mason jar and each day, jot down a compliment to yourself or something positive that happened that day. Either somewhere on the front of the slip of paper or on the back, write down the date as well. This will really challenge you to dig deep and convert your way of thinking to one more positive in nature instead of negative. You can keep this jar on your bedside and make a point to do it every night before you go to sleep.

Here’s an example of a jar that I found online. But you can decorate your jar however you like and it can be something you cherish forever as a reminder that there is so much good within you – so many things to be proud of and love yourself for. Now, you can choose the length of time you’ll do this exercise for but I suggest you do it for no less than a month. Ideally, I’d want you to do it for an entire year. Yes it may seem like a lot, but it really only takes a few seconds to do each day and it will be much more valuable to you once it’s all done. When you are finished, you can then dump it out on a day where you have some free time and read through everything you wrote about yourself. You will feel so incredible inside, I promise.

This activity is a prime example of how small efforts, repeated day in and day out, add up to huge results that can ultimately make a big difference in someone’s life. It will start off with just a single positive thought but at the end of a year, you then have 365 positive thoughts and a newfound sense of self-appreciation.

I really hope you will put this idea into practice and seriously dedicate yourself to doing it consistently. It will do nothing but good for you.

∼ Taylor ♥ xoxo

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