One Negative → Three Positives

I have always been someone who struggles with low self-esteem and poor self-image. I constantly criticize myself and pick out my flaws. Although I am still by no means where I want a to be in terms of self-love, I met a friend in college that has helped me to be more positive. She was always there to give me words of encouragement and support during my hardest times. I couldn’t be more grateful for her presence and nurturing spirit. Her strength and optimistic nature is truly admirable and inspires me to better myself.

This friend taught me something valuable that I will never forget and I’d like to share it with you all. Every time I would say something negative about myself, she’d say to replace it with three positives. In other words, she’d tell me to name three things that I love about myself. Even though I found this task to be difficult and burdensome because I always seemed to quickly run out of positives to say, it forced me to look deeper into myself. I am not used to stating or even thinking about things I like about myself, so doing this lead me to discover many aspects that I am proud of, in which I never give myself credit for.

Doing this exercise definitely has helped me adapt a better mindset and see the good in everything and everyone. However, every now and then I still lose sight of the good that lies within me. Nevertheless, she helps remind me of my own admirable qualities such as my strong work-ethic, resilience, bravery, perseverance, and my love for helping others. A couple summers back, I was determined to get in the best shape of my life and so I did.

Beach headstand 2 Beach headstand beach-backbend-e1527538988873.jpg

Since then, I’ve had my ups and downs but once again, I am back to feeling motivated to become a better version of myself, both physically and mentally. My friend provided me with a different outlook on life, one that believes in my potential more. The task of naming three positives for every negative contributed to this change within me. I thank her for having such a positive influence on me and my life as a whole.

To close, I encourage you all to practice this exercise and notice how your mindset shifts to one more optimistic and uplifting in nature.

∼ Taylor ♥ xoxo

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