A Guide to Meditation

Mt. Greylock

Meditation is proven to be beneficial for the mind in a number of ways. As noted in an article by Health & Fitness Travel, meditating helps to reduce stress levels, relieve pain, increase happiness, enhance focus, improve quality of sleep, lower blood pressure, strengthen one’s aura, and better connect with others. Therefore, it is certainly a valuable activity to consider incorporating into your daily life.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to meditate:

Step 1: Find a distraction-free, quiet environment. In order for the mind to relax and focus, it is important for there to be no loud background noises, such as television or conversation. However, if preferred, tranquil instrumental music may be used.

Step 2: Find a comfortable sitting position. Typically during a meditation session, people sit cross-legged with their hands resting on their lap. Make sure that you are sitting up straight and not slouching.

Step 3: Close your eyes and breathe naturally. At first it may be shallow breaths but after a couple minutes, you will notice your breathing getting deeper.

Step 4: With deeper breathing, you should begin to feel more at ease. Once in this state, turn your attention to the actual act of breathing. Focus on your lungs expanding as you inhale, and shrinking as you exhale. If your mind begins to drift elsewhere, just return your attention back to your breathing. It may help to practice mindful breathing, or in other words, breath counting. Inhale through your nose as you count to three in your head, hold for a count of two, and exhale through your mouth for a count of three. Repeat.

Step 5: Continue this pattern for a total of five minutes. As you practice meditation more and more, you can then try doing it for longer periods of time, slowly working your way up to a total of fifteen minutes.

Step 6: When ready, open your eyes slowly. You should feel much calmer than when you began, with a higher degree of mental clarity.

Hope you find this helpful!

˜Taylor ♥ xoxo

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